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About us

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We have been well familiar with all disciplines of marketing communication for more then 20 years. During our learning and development phase, we could still be seen hammering on electric typewriters, creating sets, ironing start numbers, gluing Ulano films, and cutting up Schoellershammer paper.

But today we conduct a whole orchestra with Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver. We devise apps for iPhones and Android and encourage our clients to start a new Google or Facebook campaign via Skype.

Although we had to learn our trade from scratch, we have never hidden away from new technologies. This is exactly why today we are so versed in the entire spectrum of communication disciplines.

In all this, we enjoy the very solid support of a large network of specialists that was built up over the years. If requested, we will be pleased to liaise you with exactly the right specialist who matches best your individual requirements.


There is no way we can even imagine our complex communication worlds without the new media and the social media, in particular. But this still does not mean that a new website would also yield higher turnover and success.

Together with you, we will implement your Internet, intranet and extranet presence and, of course, your online shop, at a reasonable cost, and after that we will be pleased to maintain your data at regular intervals.

HTML5, CMS, JavaScript and Flash Programming are no foreign words to us, and even less so to our national and foreign specialists, as together with these professionals who are selected from our large network, we will implement your order in a timely manner and to your full satisfaction.

Corporate Identity

Nowadays a uniform appearance is much more important than ever before. It is even irrelevant whether you want to devise the appearance of your company according to international corporate design guidelines or your own concepts. We will meticulously put your company logo in the right perspective and take charge on your behalf of everything arising while creating a website: from type face composition (corporate design) through audio productions (corporate sound) up to the internal implementation of overall concepts (corporate behaviour).


Brochures, flyers, advertisements, logos, postcards, templates for external letters, envelopes, mailings, business cards, company’s mission statements, business reports … We will produce for you all this advertising material and business texts with the most expedient technology available in each instance, and, moreover, at the lowest possible cost. While doing so, we will offer you an appealing and target group-oriented design that matches entirely your wishes and expectations. We will produce your printed matter and advertising material together with our well-proven network of national and foreign professional manufacturers.


Whether it be game or image apps, contact management, project administration, expense planning or entire operations of small businesses, even if only a small portion can be saved on resources, a look at the new technologies available and the areas where changes can be made, is well worth it. And saving on resources nowadays clearly means making more money. Where would you consider simplifying your operations?


Nowhere else you’ll have the opportunity to meet so many potential customers within a very short time like in a fair or an organised event.

For succeeding, your public appearance needs to be seriously planned from the beginning. What is the objective of such an event, who should be invited, and when?, what is my concept? Who will take care of the staff, catering, carpet, electricity, advertising material? What to do after the event? Whether you’re just taking part on a table top exhibition or you need to organise a whole trade show, an industrial exhibition or a company anniversary – we have the experience as exhibitors as well as trade shows and events organisers.